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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer Reading Tips III

Keep it special
1 on 1 time. Spend time with your child individually as a special part of the day.

Family book. Read a book together as a family and enjoy the exciting plot and adventure that many children's books have to offer.

Location. Reading is much more enjoyable when you are comfortable. Find cozy places to encourage your child to read.

Praise. Reading can be tough work. Giving your child verbal praise for their accomplishments.

Rewards. Our goal is to have reading be a reward in itself. To help kids get there, library summer reading programs, lunch with the teacher, or rewards set up at home can help guide the way.

Tracking progress. Keep a list of books read, hours read, minutes read, or something to help chart the progress your child is making. Get those sticker charts ready!

Ownership. Owning a book can be a meaningful connection to the characters, plot, and information in a book. Inexpensive ideas include thrift stores, garage sales, Paperback Swap, used book stores, or trading books with friends.
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