More Than ABC is a informative, fun, creative blog dedicated to share what is going in in our classroom. Using technology, creativity, and quality materials keeps us busy! If your in my class or just a visitor, I'm glad you stopped in!


I'm a technology native.  I grew up with it and it isn't something new to me, personally or professionally.  My lesson plans have always been on the computer, and I've never taught on a chalk board. 

Technology doesn't replace great teaching, great hand's on experience, or person to person interaction, or the essentials of learning.  It does give us the most up to date information, gives everyone in the room equal access to material, and can enhance lessons and leave powerful, lasting impressions!  Teaching students means preparing them for a world that relies on technology for everyday life.

The rundown of our technology:

Two LCD projectors onto different screens.

The further projector hooks up to a document camera and goes onto a HUGE white board.  The projector in the foreground projects onto an interactive board called a Promethean Board.

Our school wrote a MFF grant in the 2009-2010 school year and we were awarded three Promethean board and technology sets!  A set includes the board, software, slate, and student "votes" or clickers.
The slate which can control the board like a mouse on the computer from anywhere in the room.

4 Student Computers and a printer in the classroom 

Teacher computer hooked up to:
     Document Camera
     LCD Projector

2 school wide computer labs

1 school wide mobile netbook lab
             See us using them here and here!

Students using the netbooks in our classroom, talk about 100% engagement!