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Monday, September 12, 2011

Homework Policy

About a month into school I like to do a homework check-up to see how our plan is progressing.

Homework is a way for students to have extra practice outside of class time to work on the skill we have focused on during the day. This is a time for students to explore the work on their own.
I do expect that parents are and active part of the homework process. Parents can coach, guide, teach, and help students WITHOUT just giving them the answers.

  • Check your child's planner for what homework has been assigned.
  • Create a time and space that is consistent to complete homework.
  • Follow a routine to ensure your child completes the homework and ensures you as a parent have a few minutes to look over their work.
  • If homework is taking upwards of 30 minutes for 1 assignment please contact the teacher.
I do keep track of students with completed and uncompleted homework assignments. Students may miss recess, alternative activities, or be required to take the homework home a second time if it is not turned in, completed and on time.

Students, please remember to make safe decisions when you go to other websites online.
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