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Saturday, September 10, 2011

What is a Promethean Board?

As I've posted in earlier posts, several classrooms at our school have been outfitted with a Promethean Board.

Watch a great video about how the board was named, and some classroom use ideas here!

A Promethean Board is a specific brand of an interactive board similar to a Smart board. Teachers and students can manipulate information on the board with the use of a "pen".
Our systems have a projector that is suspended above the board to display the image onto the board. See ours here! The system is hooked up to a computer where information such as a Word document, PowerPoint, Internet, or Promethean programs can be displayed.

The Promethean programs are new to me but follow many of the instinctive buttons, codes, and formats of other programs. Using their software it is fun to see what the system can do!
Instead of using the pen up at the board, there is also a ActivSlate tablet that can manipulate all the information on the screen from anywhere in the room. This means students can use the Slate from their desks, or the teacher can move about the room during the lesson.
Our system also came with ActiVote, an interactive voting system for students to respond to information. The egg shaped Votes (one per student) have an A-F voting option anytime the teacher asks for a quick vote. The data is immediately displayed in graph format for students to see.