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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

ST Math

Students have started working on the ST math program, short for Spatial Temporal Math. It is a computer program (with our penguin JiJi) geared to helping students problem solve and understand math concepts without just getting the answer, but helping them understand why! The program, style, and even JiJi are all research based to help kids learn math.

We'll be using the net books in our classroom twice per week to work through the different lessons in the program. Each student may work at their own pace, and can move as quickly as they can answer the questions correctly.

Students struggling receive multiple reteaching opportunities to help them master a concept.

The MIND institute has a great video about the program here! If you want to try one of the activities with Jiji, click here!

We will be sending information home with students about using ST math at home. If you have access to the Internet and a computer at home, you can watch your child work on ST math!

Students, please remember to make safe decisions when you go to other websites online.
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