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Friday, April 1, 2011

Poetry Choice Board

Reading a variety of literature means working with poetry too!  Often we work with fairly elaborate poetry to have high quality examples of figurative language, theme, symbolism, etc.  When the students are interacting on a higher level, we have a lot of creative fun!

Giving students choices means the students are more highly invested in the project and are dedicated to their product.  As a teacher, I pick options that get a lot of the same work done in many different modalities.  We'll be making posters with the three mini-projects they choose from their tic-tac-toe board.

The choices are:
  • text to self- how you react to it
  • text to text - compare to another text
  • text to world - learn about the part of the world
  • format copy cat - write a poem
  • acrostic - write a poem
  • inspiration journal - journal about an authors point of view
  • illustration - picture story
  • wordle - hand made word organization of important phrases
  • mini bubble - word maps of vocabulary

For our next poetry unit we will be working with poems that are a bit easier and more approachable for students to access on their own.
Our leveled book room had a class set of
"all the small poems and fourteen more" by Valerie Worth.

Most poems have a simple noun topic with detailed language and descriptions.