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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Reading Tips II

When will we get all this summer reading done?

While on the go. How much time is spent on a commute, running errands, driving to practice? Keep books in the car to always have one available. A milk crate or extra backpack of books will keep them safe.

While waiting. Waiting for sister's soccer practice to be over, waiting at an appointment, waiting for dinner to be done. Reading while waiting fills in a wasted empty time and has a clear end mark - when dinner is ready!

Evening routine. Every night after dinner set the timer for 30 minutes, read 30 minutes before bed time, 30 minutes before any TV time, 30 minutes while dinner is prepared. Have your child agree on a time and stick to it!

When it's too hot. I know on these warm afternoons I don't want to go run around, bake, or go somewhere in the car. So I find the coolest spot I can and plop down with a book!
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