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Monday, May 16, 2011

End Of Year School Supplies

As our year wraps up, students will be bringing home supplies, notebooks, and other items. Check those backpacks every night.  They might be overflowing!
Here a few tips:
  • Sort through and make a pile of what you can reuse for next year
  • Throw away items that are broken, fully used, or not working
  • Make sure your child has access to school supplies over the summer for at home learning projects and ideas.
  • Set aside items that you would like to keep (papers, projects, 4th grade scrapbook (coming soon!)artwork etc) in a special place

We'll be sending home some workbooks from math, reading, or both.
Students have used these throughout the year.  Many lessons may have blank pages.  Don't panic!  We often use white boards, hands on materials, document cameras, LCD projectors etc. to replace the workbooks but practice the exact same problems.  These are a great resource for you as parents to review lessons with your child over the summer months.