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Friday, January 28, 2011

State Testing Series II

This post is the second in a series giving tips and suggestions to parents about our upcoming state testing.

These types of tests look for overall capabilities, not one specific micro-skill.

Since cramming and studying isn't useful, what can we do?

Sometimes the biggest challenge in taking a test is the testing format.  We model this format for students with our weekly reading tests, math tests, and quarterly writing assessments.  We might even spend all of 2 minutes with a how to fill in the bubble lesson. 

Many students soar on the tests, demonstrating their knowledge in clear and correct answers.  Sometimes, all the extra hype about a test can make very capable students falter.  As teachers, we are trying to place importance on this test while keeping everything in perspective. 

We want to see students put on paper everything they know, so motivation is a key factor.  As parents and families, you create a culture of achievement for your student.  Encourage them to do their best, try every question, proofread, check their work, read carefully, double check calculations! 

Thanks for encouraging your student to be their own personal best!