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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Descriptive Writing

We pulled a picture from an OLD National Geographic magazine and have been working on describing the scene in writing.
The picture of the crocodile has a lot of interesting things in it. ~D.
They are prehistoric and violent animals. ~I.
They have long snouts for jumping out of the water to catch its legendary prey. ~T.
Crocodiles hunt in pacts. ~J.
Their teeth are like razors. ~N.
The crocodiles are in the dirty swamp. ~V.
Some crocodiles are good and won't bother you unless you bother them. ~D.
The crocodile lives in a small swamp with green algae. ~S.
How did the crocodiles survive the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs? ~J.
The crocodiles are happy now that we aren't hunting them. ~Z.
The crocodiles are huge and hungry. ~J.
With the amount of dirt and grime on their body they look very dirty. ~B.
The crocodiles are happy but I'm scared near the muddy lake. ~M.
I would not like to be in it's clutches. ~B.
The crocodiles have lots of teeth and they are very wild. ~R.
If I were there with them I would probably faint. ~E.
The crocodiles were probably going to shore. ~I.
The crocodiles can be muddy. ~W.
In between the scales that covered the crocodiles was mud and algae. ~G.

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